QuiltCon 2015

I went to QuiltCon and had a great time.  I want to keep track of my favorite photos of friends and some inspirational bits and pieces.



I hadn’t even made it to Austin, and already I had a handful of awesome pins, and a drink ticket given to me by @modernhandcraft.  Nicole asked if I was JENNA and said she followed ME and I was BIG PIMPIN’ in Chicago!  It’s a funny experience stalking someone amazing online and then finding out that they know who you are.  Nicole is awesome and every time I ran into her, I smiled.



Charity quilts were hanging in the lecture hall!  The arrow one is my brain-child and more can be read about it here.

IMG_3380This was the other one made by the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild.  It is beautiful, and so is Dorie, who contributed blocks for this blanket.

IMG_3376A different guild’s charity quilt (there were no signs – boo!) had this little bit of inspirational free-motion quilting.

IMG_3383I went into the exhibit and saw this beautiful quilt.  I’m in love with this bright yellow quilting on the black background.  Awesome.  Anniversary Quilt by Katrina Hertzer.


Iceberg by Crystal McGann


My Folded Flock quilt! More on this blanket HERE and HERE. What a thrill!


Smithereens by Emily Cier


Klee’s Trees – this was in a vendor booth. I love this variation on the original pattern.


I hate that I didn’t meet Jenna Richardson. But maybe we COULDN’T meet because she is me from a different time line. This quilt is amazing.


Rossie. This lady is a genius and the first time I saw Rossie working on this quilt I knew it was a true and deep love. Here is her blogHere is her IG.


Dorie is a rock star. This lady is super legit – three quilts in the exhibit and a ribbon on one of them. She’s also kind, smart, and hilarious.


We HIKED out to a food cart village and we got to see the thousands of bats dart out from under the Congress St. bridge. Emily sang to them in a gleeful squeal and in return they named her their queen.

Photo Feb 19, 7 49 27 PM

This guy came up to me at a restaurant and made me feel good.


Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 5.36.59 PM

We were all wearing handmade! Meeting Jacey and Jemelia was incredible. These women are so talented, funny, and chill. I wish we could have hung out more. AND LOOK AT EMILY HERE. When you see Emily, you smile. She is a walking heart emoticon and an outstanding person. This picture is from her Instagram feed.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 5.40.12 PM

We were in a pedi-cab being peddled by The Electric Man who was seriously reconsidering picking up three grown ass ladies to haul 7 blocks. This picture is from Dorie’s Instagram feed.


Not enough can be said about the weather. As I write this it is 7 degrees outside. In Austin, there was a day when it was 73 degrees. But what’s 66 degrees here and there?


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