Dunes Quilt

Here is a quilt I’ve finally photographed called “Dunes”!


It is a clamshell quilt, but with splashes of color inserted into the scallop-shapes!   To make this I improvisationally pieced some curved color splashes into swaths of a low-volume fabric, and then used a 15″ template I ordered from Baycreek Quilting Products to cut-out the shapes that I called “dunes.” I used the assembly instructions as written in Latifah Saafir’s Glam Clam Quilt pattern.


The quilting designs vary by dune – some are pebbled, some are straight lines, some are scallops, and some are echo-ing curved lines.  I did each using free-motion quilting on my home machine and I left the color splashes un-quilted.


This quilt was all machine-pieced; no applique today.  It measures 68″ x 68″.



Thanks for looking!


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8 responses to “Dunes Quilt

  1. I’m usually a fan of high contrast but this really works for me! I think it’s because of the colored curved inserts, and also overall a really pleasing color combination. Keeps the eye moving and the interest high. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love this. I love the little pieces of color that are scattered about 💕

  3. Pat S

    This is pretty amazing!

  4. Heather Acton

    This is such a beautiful and inspiring quilt. The interesting textures really shine through, too.

  5. Jenna, that is lovely. So calm with a touch of improv.

  6. Carole S.

    I totally love this quilt. I’m planning two clamshells now, one with super-bright fabrics I don’t usually use, and one with some old blocks that really don’t make my heart sing anymore. Yours is great inspiration!

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