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Here’s a little round-up of the ornaments I’ve made this year that you can easily make, too!  It’s not too late!

One of my new favorite things is to hand-screw little eyelet screws into toys to turn them into whimsical ornaments.  This idea started with our desire to get a bunch of caveman ornaments to represent our youngest son on the tree.  (Our oldest son was nicknamed “baby Acorn” in utero, and there are TONS of acorn ornaments to be found! At least there were until we bought them all in 2008.  Youngest son didn’t get nicknamed until he was a toddler when he became the Caveman.  Not so many of these ornaments on sale, so time to make our own!).


You can do this with most plastic or wooden ornaments without any power tools.



I use a stabby shank tool and first perform an icepick lobotomy on the toy.


Hand-screw until you can’t screw anymore, and then bring out the pliers.


These bros stick together. And congrats! You found the pickle.


More cavemen ornaments. These were awkwardly flesh colored, so hubs spray-painted them gold first.


Happy caveman eyes Baby Acorn.


On of my other favorite ways to make ornaments is to buy pre-cut wood shapes from a hobby store (like JoAnn’s or Michael’s) and to decoupage!  A couple of years ago I did this with artsy papers.  This year I did it with some pictures!  I find the best way is to adhere the paper (print images on computer paper rather than photo paper) with a glue-stick onto the pre-painted wood surface.  Than go over the paper with a Glue/Sealant (Martha Stewart makes a nice one).


Drill a hole into the shape, string a string, you’ve got yourself an ornament.

I took this process in a different direction with my 4-year-old.  He painted the shapes and then glittered the hell out of them.  Later I went over them with the sealant to lock in the glitter a bit.



An easy gift addition for grandparents and teachers!

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A Halloween Recap…

Even though I didn’t add to the Costume Party this year, I still made many costumes…

Oldest son went as a Cheetah…

And I was a “Safari Guy” on the lookout for Cheetahs…

Hubby was a hunky Paul Bunyan. (He pulled this together all by his self)… With Son #2 being “Babe the Blue Ox” !  How cute is this?

Made this for my niece Kylie!

It’s “Boo” from “Monster’s Inc”…

And for my friend Irene… a chicken costume!

Bok bok!
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and are happily looking forward to  joyous Thanksgiving!

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Quilt Appreciation!

Remember these quilts?  They are happy in their home with two adorable, grateful boys.  Their mom said it’d be cool if I posted these pictures.  It’s so nice to see these little people be so gracious and loving of their quilts.

Brothers driving cars on the roads.

Love this! “No, Mom! I’m not tired! I’m still playing!”

Very heart warming for yours truly.


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Henry’s Go Blue Tee!

Just in time for tonight’s big game against Alabama, I whipped up a Michigan tee for my youngest, using Made by Rae’s Flashback Tee pattern.   Here are her tips for making the tee short-sleeved. 

Henry’s wearing a 18-24month size, but the only Michigan shirts we had in that size were long-sleeved!  Considering it’s in the 80s around here, that just won’t do.   So I ran out to Meijer, snagged a cheap XXL shirt, took it home and scaled it down!  I just kept it as a raw-edged, rolled hem – and used the shirts original neckband.   That made things super easy!  Thanks, Rae!

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Car Quilts

Social media, doing its thing.  My friend Abbey pinned this quilt, also found HERE, and bing bang boom, I was commissioned to make a pair of blankets for her two adorable boys.

I used primarily Riley Blake fabrics.  I was so happy to find the Peak Hour fabric line, as it saved me from having to come up with car appliques on my own.  Instead, I used my method of sewing the outline of the car to a piece of muslin, right sides together.  Then you cut a slit in the muslin, turn the car right-side out, and then trim the muslin to just a quarter-inch seam allowance.   Then you can applique the car onto the quilt-top!  First I did hand-stitching, but then I top-stitched the cars on by machine for added security.   When I was quilting the blanket, I added some quilting to the window of the car for even additional security.

I did double binding.  I love the framing effect, and it’s a nice way to make machine-stitching the binding look attractive.

Abbey’s family just moved back into their home after a year away.  Their house had extensive, heart-breaking damage due to a terrible flood (like – seven feet of standing water kinda terrible), but her husband and their family and friends resurrected their place and things are looking bright!  Hope these quilts bring smiles to a family that has endured a lot, and deserves a break!


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Kid’s Painting Pillows!

By the genius request of my sister-in-law, Lloyd and I got to work making her some pillow covers.  (An alternative for these pillows I made her a while back.)

Lloyd painted some fabric squares with fabric paint.

And I bordered them in a dark purple.

They turned out pretty cute!  (Sorry for the quick pic.  I didn’t get a chance to photograph them before they were gifted!)

I love this idea for a nursery, kids’ bedroom, or floor pillows in a play room!  But of course – they work great for a loving Aunt’s couch, too : )

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