Baby Irene’s Quilt – Part Two

(I blogged about my inspiration for this quilt and provided a little tutorial HERE.)

Baby Irene’s quilt is finished!  I’m proud:

This was my first time stippling, and I couldn’t have chosen a more challenging time to try this technique.  For one, as you know if you’ve been reading, my pedal is broken.  I can still use it, but it explodes whenever I release pressure, and I sort of have to smash it in order to get it to start.  Needless to say the speed control is problematic.    (And I just realized that the replacement pedal I’ve ordered is lost in the shipping universe!  Oy!).   Also – my free-motion sewing foot is at my mom’s, so I had to try and do this with a normal pressing foot.   It resulted in the threads getting caught in the fork of the foot about every 8 inches of sewing, which resulted in a lot of swearing.    I also used this shiny rayon thread that was really pretty, and looks nice in the finished quilt, but it was a slippery snake to sew with!

BUT all the effort was definitely worth it.  I really loved the way it turned out, and so did Irene’s parents!

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