What Next?

There are so many other quilts I just can’t wait to dive into.  First i have to make some curtains for my husband’s grandpa, and I have some aspirations for making a dress.   Really I need to buckle down and finish the tummy-time mat I’m making for my eagerly awaited niece.

But let’s take a moment to look at some inspiration.  I have recently seen this block on my TV screen and it’s really inspiring me to try something completely different.  An uber-sleek modern quilt block design I envision I will make in shades of black and tan for a beloved relative.    I actually have TWO uber-sleek modern quilts in shades of black and tan that I will soon be sketching-out for beloved relatives  : )

This is a screen-shot from Top Chef Masters:

And this is one from Better Off Ted:

I know they’re not the best quality – but you get the idea!  I’m getting all sorts of ideas…

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