I’m A Winner!

Deeroo Designs had a lovely little fabric giveaway, and I was a winner!  I got a whole slew of dutch wax prints.

You’ll have to excuse the quality of these photos.  Our camera suffered death by sand and split milk sippy cup on our recent vacation.  So these were taken on a cell phone:

Definitely at least two quilts jumping out at me from this gifted collection.   A bright batch of blues, pinks, and teals waiting to get matched up with a solid gray, and another assortment of french toile inspired pieces.

There were many more fabrics in my gift, but the pictures just didn’t turn out.  You’ll have to wait to see them once I transform them into creations!

Thanks, Deeroo!

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One response to “I’m A Winner!

  1. WhooHooo…another package arrived…I am getting all these great emails letting me know packages have made it to their destinations and I so appreciate it.

    Looking forward to seeing what you make but definitely don’t feel pressured to do something right away!;)

    I just came from my other SILs house and left with two more bags of fabric…lots of great solids…am I lucky or what?!:)

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