Lucky Me!

I’m so thankful to be such a lucky gal.  I’ve got a wonderful husband, an incredible toddler, a healthy baby on the way (6 more weeks to go – yikes!), a good job that allows me to work from home, great family, friends, and a house.

Lucky me!  And that’s the name of this pillow that is one of my two entries into the Great SMS Pillow Contest! (My other is the V-shaped Marca-Relli pillow):

Click CONTINUE READING or scroll down to see more pictures, as well as photos of its mate, links to the pattern, and some tips on assembly.

I was inspired by THIS POST at twin fibers of her Ferris Wheel pillows.  She used the pattern available HERE by Q is for Quilter, and so did I!  I asked the ladies at Twin Fibers if they’d mind me making these pillows and entering them into some competitions, and they were kind enough to say, “Go for it!”  Yay!!  Always best to ask…

Here’s a close-up.   I did the hand-quilting with 3 strings on embroidery thread in a simple running stitch:

A simple envelope backing made with a solid sage cotton I had in my stash:

And I made it a friend:

My couch is ready for spring! (even if there are 9 inches of snow outside):


I used pattern pieces A and B to make the clover-ring.  Once I sewed the ring, I used the pattern pieces to make a template out of plastic (card-stock would’ve worked) of a completed arch without the seam-allowance.  I placed the plastic on my ring and folded the seam allowance over the template and glued the fabric edge down (getting the plastic out of the way at the last second) so I could have a clean turned-edge to applique.  I used a fabric-gluestick. For the ring, you turn the inside and the outside of the ring under so no raw-edges are exposed.

For the solid clover pillow, I used pattern piece C and again, cut a template the size of one arch without the seam-allowance.

I really like the clean-look of a turned edge.  Some people may think it takes too long, but it really doesn’t!  I did the edge-gluing of both of these pillows while watching one episode of Downton Abbey on my computer.  (Do you have Netflix? All of season one is available to watch instantly!  You’ve got to watch this show, people! SO GOOD).

So then I just centered the clovers on some homespun cotton and batting, pinned them in place, and did a little applique top-stitching on my machine.  I could’ve done a blind-stitch by hand, and that would’ve looked nice, too!  Then I did the hand-quilting details and made the envelope enclosures.  Easy peasy!

This will be my entry for the March Pillow Party.  I entered the aforementioned Marca-Relli one for this month.  Not sure I’m going to be in the running for the winner of February: there are a lot of cuties at the party this month – check’em out!

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