Yoda costume for babies and toddlers

So yesterday we did Leia, today let’s do Yoda!

The components for this costume are:

  • Hat with Ears
  • Wrap shirt in beige

The Hat:

  • For the hat, I first made the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap in green, with brown ribbing.  I only chose brown ribbing because green was not available.  The free tutorial can be downloaded HERE thanks to Meg at Sew Liberated.
  • For the ears, cut out 2 copies of this shape and 2 copies of the shape in reverse.
  • Pick one ear pointing to the left, and another pointing to the right.  Cut out a piece of batting for each ear.
  • Layer the batting with the ear fabric on top (good side up) and quilt an earlobey type design.
  • For the other ears, cut out stiff fusible interfacing and iron them to the bad sides of the ears.
  • Layer a batting ear and an interfacing ear together, good sides together, and sew all along the slopey ear sides.
  • Turn inside-out and fold the seam allowance inside the ear.  Puff out the ear a little bit, separating the batting side from the interfacing side and sew to the sides of the hat using your best blind stitch.

The Shirt

  • For the shirt I actually used the reversible wrap sweatshirt pattern from the book Growing Up Sew Liberated.   It was a very easy pattern to follow and is extremely forgiving in regards to size.  Being a wrap shirt, it’s very adjustable.
  • Although I HIGHLY recommend the Sew Liberated book if you have any interest in making clothes for children, another option would be to use THIS TUTORIAL or THIS ONE, both available online for free.

May the force be with you this Halloween!


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3 responses to “Yoda costume for babies and toddlers

  1. Natalie

    This is too cute!! I am bookmarking it for when I have kids and can dress them up like little Yoda’s. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Ann

    Too fun. I love making costumes and with the Ann Arbor weather, I base a lot of them off sweatshirts. Did a great bat with fur on the belly and wings sewn between the sides and arms with a balaclava hat with ears. This year my oldest (10) has to be a “golden brown teddy bear” so that has been a challenge.

    • Ha ha! I love “golden brown!” I love how specific kids get with their costume instructions. My two-year-old wants to be a blue dinosaur with NO spikes. Pictures and a blog post to come. I actually just made a bat costume for a friend! I’ll post about that, too once she sends me some pictures!

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