Unicorn Costume

Here’s a cute little unicorn costume that can be made out of a hooded sweatshirt and scaled to fit either kids or adults.

The components of this costume are:

  • Horn
  • Mane
  • Heart Appliqué (optional)


For the horn I actually used THIS PATTERN for a small stuffed Christmas tree and scaled it down to about 60% on my printer so it would be proportional to a small baby’s head.  Attach to the hoodie using your best blind-stitch.


Do a running stitch sewing together the four layers of tulle. Knot the beginning, but don't knot-off or cut the thread at the other end.

After you pull your tulle together and the length = x, then you can knot-off your baste stitch thread.

After you cut the slit into the hood, fold the raw edges under.

Sandwich the layers of tulle between the folded-over edges of the hooded sweatshirt. Top-stitch to hold the tulle into place and to close the slit in the hoodie.

Heart Appliqué:

A little heart on the chest is a cute touch if the costume-wearer is particularly adorable.

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