Add Sleeves to a Tank!

This is a quasi-tutorial for adding sleeves to a tank-top.

Here’s an unloved tank-top I had that I never wore, because you couldn’t wear a real bra under the shirt.

For this refashion, I simply used t-shirt sleeves from an old t-shirt, so it’s a bit of a cheat  : )

Grab an old t-shirt

Cut off the sleeve. Cut the armpit seam open, leaving the shoulder in tact.

Tuck the raw edges of the sleeve under your tank top! Sew on the right-side of the tank-top, close to the edge.

I added a funny little pocket, too.

Enjoy wearing a real bra, everybody!

I’m going to try a different tank to tee refashion soon, so keep checking the blog!


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3 responses to “Add Sleeves to a Tank!

  1. Kate

    This looks awesome. I might try it! Thanks for sharing – I wasn’t sure how it would look, just by envisioning it in my mind. But I can see that it looks great on you, at least haha.

  2. Margaret scott

    Looks great. Exactly what i was wanting. Never thought about stealing them from another t. Brilliant

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