Fancy Fabric T-Shirt “Pockets”

I – like many quilters – am a fabric lover.  I noticed I was avoiding wearing a couple of t-shirts because they had sad, saggy, pockets.  Finally it occurred to me to replace the pockets with some of my favorite fabrics.

Yup – my last scrap of mermaids : )

These are not actually pockets.  If you are really using the “pocket” function for these shirts, I don’t know what to tell ya.    Here’s how I make them:

Authentic 1950s fabric

I just got this fabric recently from an Ebay auction.  It’s said to be from the 50s and it certainly has that feel!  Spoiler alert – if you’re in my guild, you could land a half-yard of this at the next meeting’s swap!  Wouldn’t it look cute with Flea Market Fancy?

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