Improv Arrow Quilt Block Tutorial

A group within the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild is working together on a charity quilt featuring improvisational arrow blocks.  Today I grabbed some scrap fabric and experimented with a piecing strategy.

For my group, these are not instructions and certainly feel free to create your arrow blocks however you’d like!  But let me offer this Improv Arrow Quilt Block Tutorial just in case it’s useful.


Read more for the tutorial.

1. Piece the arrow shaft between two rectangles of background.  Add another piece of rectangle on top.


2. Piece two arrow arms into long strips.


3. Slice and insert an arrow arm into the main block.


4. Reattach the background to the rest of the block.


5. Slice and insert the other arrow arm into the block.


6. Reattach the background to the rest of the block.


7. Pretty arrow!


8. Square up your block, letting your arrow point in a fun direction!  Mix it up.


I’m looking forward to seeing how our quilt comes together!  Cheers, everyone!


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2 responses to “Improv Arrow Quilt Block Tutorial

  1. Tracie Sturzer

    Do you have a pattern for I think it is the sea glass quilt. The one inter connecting square boxes and grey x s.
    I would be interested in purchasing the pattern.

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