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Madrona Road Challenge: Gear and Spark

IMG_1088  The Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild is participating in the Michael Miller Madrona Road Challenge.  Participants made complete quilts with a perimeter of at least 120″, using fabrics from the Madrona Road line by Violet Craft, and complementing them with Michael Miller Cotton Couture Solids.


Here’s my entry!  A bias-tape, machine-appliquéd design representing a gentle, loopy gear:


The quilting represents the spark with free-motion star shapes.

It all started off with this doodle:

IMG_0709I used a bias-tape applique method.

Check out the rest of the amazing entries from the A2MQG HERE.


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A2MQG Spoonflower Quilt – My Rows

Jen from our quilt guild (who blogs HERE) surprised the A2MQG with a wonderful request from Spoonflower!  Pick a stack of our fabrics and make us a quilt that can be featured on the Spoonflower blog.

I grabbed these fabrics from Jen’s pile of pretties: Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.36.39 AM

And I make two 60″ rows.  Everyone in the guild who wanted to participate was to make a 60″ row.  I wanted my rows to be quiet – to give the quilt a couple of places to breathe – and I wanted them to showcase these amazing fabrics.   So I fussy cut the arrow fletching and the stars (as best I could with the amount of fabric on hand) and spaced everything out with lots of Kona White sashing.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.36.56 AM

Can’t wait to see how everything looks pieced together!  Thanks for organizing this, Jen, and to Spoonflower for the awesome idea!


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A2MQG Quilt Show and Sale!

The Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild is having a sale tomorrow (11/15/2012), and I thought I’d just load up some images of the smaller items I made…

Fabric covered notebooks.

River Song TARDIS Notebooks! Inspired by Doctor Who.

Holiday gift bags with felt accent.

More holiday gift bags with felt accent. Some bags are made from fleece, others jersey, and some are a lightweight corduroy.

iPad cases (and some Kindle Fire cases, too!)

Faux Fur Pillows! How fun would these be on your couch? So snugly for the winter.


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Round Robin

I’ve never done a quilting bee before, so I’m very excited that the Ann Arbor Modern Quilting Guild has decided to start a Round Robin!

Photo courtesy of Rossie –

I made the block on the left and included some more of the Silent Cinema (grey pattern) and the Kona Snow fabrics.  Rossie added some modern touches, much to my delight! I’m hoping it’ll end up having the look of a modern medallion quilt, rather than a sampler, but I know it’ll be great no matter what.

My block was inspired by this quilt.

This is the block I got in the first round:

Isn’t the center swirl lovely?  Kourtney made that out of 1.5″ finished squares!  So precise and beautiful movement.  I just added the green border and the next border of white with pink corners.  I wanted to frame the swirl and then give the next person some negative space as a clean slate ready for her additions.

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Fancy Fabric T-Shirt “Pockets”

I – like many quilters – am a fabric lover.  I noticed I was avoiding wearing a couple of t-shirts because they had sad, saggy, pockets.  Finally it occurred to me to replace the pockets with some of my favorite fabrics.

Yup – my last scrap of mermaids : )

These are not actually pockets.  If you are really using the “pocket” function for these shirts, I don’t know what to tell ya.    Here’s how I make them:

Authentic 1950s fabric

I just got this fabric recently from an Ebay auction.  It’s said to be from the 50s and it certainly has that feel!  Spoiler alert – if you’re in my guild, you could land a half-yard of this at the next meeting’s swap!  Wouldn’t it look cute with Flea Market Fancy?

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Spring Swap

For the latest meeting of the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild, we were asked to bring a hand-made object that was inspired by our theme “Spring.”

I decided this was the final kick in the pants to tackle a project I’ve been wanting to try for well over a year.  Check out this pillow!  I think it’s so cute and awesome. I chatted up the creator and she said that it was based off of a pattern that she no longer had the information on, but gave me the all clear to try and duplicate the design.   So through some photoshop tomfoolery I created a little pattern…

Reversed the image and outlined the shapes… Cut out the shapes on a cardstock and use for pattern pieces.

From fusible interfacing, I made a little-smaller-than-actual-size cut-out of the complete bunny piece and attached it to the background fabric.  Then I placed all of my fabric pieces on the fusible bunny and ironed once everything was properly arranged.

Then I quilted!  I mostly did little blades of grass.  The bunny is hiding.

Then I covered the whole pillow-front with a layer of fine webbing.  I saw this on THIS mini quilt and LOVED the idea, as it not only adds a slightly shimmery dimension to the whole piece, it will also encourage the appliqued pieces to stay in place and avoid some fraying.

Then I placed my envelope closure fabric flaps in back, and sandwiched everything together with a binding.   It’s a little twee, a little frou-frou but I can’t help but love it.

Brenda from Pink Castle Fabrics got the pillow and I got these lovely bean-filled paper weights from Rossie.  I actually use them as stress-relief, squeezing them in my hands as I stare into space and also to (gently) lob at my misbehaving children and spouse.

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Covered Notebook

At our most recent meeting of the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild, we did a Yankee Swap of handmade accessories for home or person.

I made a covered notebook with two matching pens using this tutorial (minus the button).

It features the last of my scraps (almost – still saving a tiny square I just can’t toss) of Heather Ross’s Mendocino mermaids.  It’s a bit of a funny strip – boobs and butts!  But I knew the designer loving fabric fans in the guild would appreciate it.

Brenda from Pink Castle Fabrics snagged it!

after I stole her beautiful scarf made by Emily, that is!  But look at how well it matches my fall coat!

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