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Tailored Shirts

It’s been a long time.  That’s sad.  I’ve actually quilted a whole quilt since my last post, but I am not going to show it off until after the Project Modern 4 deadline because I’m a weirdo.  But after the deadline I will show-off my creation as well as a full Process Pledge friendly run-down about how it was made.

For now I just have this one little project to show.  I followed this excellent tutorial and tailored a men’s size large button-down shirt to make a fitted shirt for myself.  I really like the look of these fall flannel-patterned shirts, but the women’s versions are never long enough for my abnormal torso.

One note: this tutorial has darts in the front for the bust.  Since this shirt had two pockets that would have interfered with those darts (and I do not have a large bust), I decided to do darts in the back.  I did two vertical darts, from roughly the bottom of my shoulder blades, curving into the small of my back, down to a couple of inches above the bottom hem.



I have another shirt to adjust and I also want to show you guys a dress I transformed into a skirt.  So look forward to those sometime.  Other than that, it will pretty much be Halloween Costume Headquarters here until the end of October.  Do you guys make your own costumes?  It is my favorite thing!

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Name Tags

The wonderful Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild got together last week and it was another amazing experience.   One thing that made this meeting all the better was that most of our members brought name tags they had crafted at home.    I’m terrible with names nowadays and this was a big relief for me.

It was also fun to try some new techniques – which I did while making my name tag:

I used printable fabric for printing out the letters of my name.  Then I cut them out and ironed them on (the printable fabric I used was iron-on-able) to a light-grey background.  Then I made the pink detailing out of a sparkly fabric I was thrilled to use*.  I fabric-glued it onto my background.  Then I glued the edges of the light-grey background under and machine sewed it to a bigger, darker grey background.  Then I put on my free-motion foot and sewed the letters and the pink detailing onto the background with black and sparkly pink threads, respectively.

For the backing, I ironed on some interfacing to the back of another piece of dark gray fabric.  Putting good sides together I sewed the front piece to the back, leaving a hole so I could turn it all inside-out.  I turned it right-side out, pressed the raw edges under from my hole, and then top-stitched around the entire name-tag.  For added stability I hand-sewed a popsicle stick to the back of the name tag after first applying a pin backing with super-glue to the stick.  Fancy!  I really like how it turned out, and it may have even warmed me up to the whole concept of raw-edged applique, as normally my obsessive need for finished edges drives my projects.

My design was inspired by our logo, which was created by r0ssie.

*True story, before I got into quilting I would still occasionally buy fabrics for undetermined projects.  Unfortunately I shopped like a baby bird, mostly focusing on weird sparkly cotton blends that aren’t the best for quilting projects.  So whenever I find a use for these oddities, it’s a little victory : )

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Framed Echino

I was the lucky recipient of a Pay it Forward giveaway a couple of weeks ago.  I got a darling lavender sachet and a fat quarter of echino!  Thanks Kate! (Check out Kate’s beautiful blog).

We were just finishing up remodeling our upstairs bathroom, and I decided this fabric added the perfect touch of much needed color.  So I had my wood-working father cook up a frame (, and here we go:

Sorry for the imperfect photo.  It’s hard to photograph glass!

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Green Pillow for April

It’s the last month of the Blogger’s Pillow Party!  Amazingly I have managed to create a pillow just in time.

Green Moda fabric with some Central Park bordered in beige.

It’s inspired by the mug rug I made for the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild:

Picture by Emily from EmmyLizzy.  Check out her blog right now, you won’t be sorry!

Yay for Spring!


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Blogger’s Pillow Party – March

Here is my entry for the March Blogger’s Pillow Party!:

I made these pillows in February and blogged about them originally here. I wanted to make different pillows to enter in the contest this month, but it just hasn’t happened.  So, regular readers, please excuse this redundant post.

I was inspired by THIS POST at twin fibers of her Ferris Wheel pillows.  She used the pattern available HERE by Q is for Quilter, and so did I!  I asked the ladies at Twin Fibers if they’d mind me making these pillows and entering them into some competitions, and they were kind enough to say, “Go for it!”  Yay!!  Always best to ask…

Here’s a close-up.   I did the hand-quilting with 3 strings on embroidery thread in a simple running stitch:

And I made it a friend:

For some tips on how to make these, check out the original post!


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Work in Progress #8

I had to miss out on last week, due to everyone in my family getting an end-of-winter cold.  But I’ve made up for it all this week with many accomplishments!  Here we go, linking up with freshly pieced!

The biggest thing I’ve got “in progress” is my Party Time Excellent quilt.  It’s loaded up into ol’ Kenny and I hope to make a big dent in the quilting tomorrow.   I really want to get this one done before the baby comes so that I can take it with me to the hospital.  It was nice birthing Lloyd under my husband’s old freebie fleece blanket from his work, but a handmade quilt by-me for-me would be sweeter : )

The other “in progress” I’ve got is a my first ever mug rug!  I’m so happy to have joined the brand-new Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild. I’m sad that I won’t be able to attend the next couple of meetings and get-togethers, but I want to remain active in the group remotely.  For the next meeting we were supposed to engage in a mug rug swap, so I’m hoping to make one and mail it to a fellow member so that at least I can gift my buddies a little something.

Those are my main WIPs, but let me take a moment to share two completed projects!

My Henry Quilt is done (more on that HERE):

And I made myself a little nursing cover (using this tutorial, although I made mine smaller):

Yay for not having to show my boobs to elderly family members and the community in general!

That’s all I’ve got.  Thanks for stopping by and please check out the other WIPs!


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Charlie Sheen Cross-Stitch

Remember Baby Irene’s Quilt? Here’s a picture of the little dear chilling out on her blanket:

And here she is (a bit older) wearing a unicorn costume I made her:

Anyway – it’s Baby Irene’s Dad’s Birthday soon, and we’re celebrating this weekend!  To top his gift off, I found these great cross-stitch patterns over at Subversive Cross-Stitch quoting the now infamous Charlie Sheen. Daddy Irene is obsessed with these quotes, and he is also obsessed with brains, so I whipped up this embroidery hoop for him to hang behind his glorious wooden bar in his den:

Wise words….. ; )


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Marca-Relli Pillows

I finished the pillows I made for my dear sister-in-law:

I really like them a lot!  They are quilting cottons in the blocks, bordered with a homespun-cotton that has the appearance of a linen/burlap crossbreed. I quilted with one simple echo line approximately 1/4 of an inch inside each color region.

And just so you get the whole picture, here are my inspiration pictures: artwork by Marca-Relli:

I originally intended to do invisible zippers with these guys, but I am just too pregnant stupid right now to even follow this incredibly clear tutorial. So I just went with what I knew and cranked out an envelope enclosure out of doubled-over black fabric.

Do you have a favorite?  I think I like the “V” one the best.  In fact, it’s my submission to this month’s Blogger’s Pillow Party! Maybe even one of my two entries to the Sew Mama Sew contest!


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WIP Wednesday #2

Yay for WIP Wednesday (hosted by freshly pieced)!  I really love having the opportunity to keep track of all of the projects I have going on, and encouraging myself to check stuff off!

I met one major goal this week (it was also my One Thing, One Week Challenge): I finished the quilt top for my Project Modern 2 quilt!   Here is just a sneak peek (I’ll post pics of the whole thing once it’s completed and I’ve sent my pictures to the MQG):

2.  I also finished my Christmas ornaments.  This wasn’t a sewing project, but I wanted to make it a priority all the same.

I decoupaged paper onto wooden blocks after I painted the edges of the blocks gold or silver.   They look old and folksy – I love ’em!  I need to get an “H” for baby-to-be, but I’m leaving that for future Jenna to deal with next Christmas.

Those are my two completed tasks.  Still to go are a couple of things I mentioned last week:

1. Alison’s Birthday Pillow Covers:  I haven’t cut any fabric yet, but I did sketch out my patterns!

2. Christmas Sweater Pillow Covers: no progress

Then I came up with a couple of new project ideas:

1.  One last Valentine’s Day pillow inspired by this picture from Better Homes and Gardens:

2.  A quilt using these fabrics (I think) for baby-to-be.  I love how bright, lime green looks with the deeper teals.  It’s one of my favorite color pairings right now!   And since baby will be living on a little blanket in the middle of the living room for quite some time, I might as well make something that jives with the house and makes me smile.

So in summary that is:

Projects Completed: 2 (well… I completed the *top* of the red quilt.  Still have to make a back, baste, quilt, bind… <sigh>).

Projects in Progress: 4

See you next time!  xoxo

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Wall Art and Parent Love

Before I started sewing, I worked a lot with paper.  I’ve always loved quilts, but I thought sewing would be too difficult.  So I left the sewing for my mother, and I cut and pasted little quilts out of paper scraps.  My mom had made a couple of paper quilts, giving me the idea.  In these pictures you’ll see the three large scale ones I made that hang in my living room.  I’ve also given a couple smaller ones away, but they weren’t as nice as these, I’m sorry to say.

In the pictures I’m also including a close-up look at a little fabric birdie my mom sewed for me and my dad framed.  I love my creative parents!

My dad made this frame, too – now that I think about it!:

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