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Clyfford Still

Feeling inspired by Mr. Still today…


From the SFMOMA website


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Mary Blair

You may have noticed that Google’s logo looked particularly pretty yesterday

It was in celebration of what would have been artist Mary Blair’s 100th birthday.

Her work inspires me.  I’d love to make art quilts inspired by each of these paintings/prints:


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Project Modern Challenge 4

Have you heard about The Modern Quilt Guild’s latest and final challenge?  It’s theme is Find Your Own Voice!  I’m going to go for it.  I was really happy with the 2nd challenge – Monochromatic Quilting, but was a little non-plussed with my results.  Time for redemption! And how cool is it that Denyse Schmidt is judging?  So cool!

I’m going to be pretty coy about my design from here until the deadline (Sept 30), but I can tell you the quilt will be called “Gate to the Shore.” Here’s my inspiration mosaic:

1. Iron Work, 2. Black and blue, 3. black and blue and beautiful, 4. Black Iron Fence, 5. Ironwork blue, 6. gate to the beach

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Cog + Wheel Quilt – Part One

I have a 2.5-year-old boy named Lloyd and he is getting ready to move into his big boy bed!  Bye bye, crib!  Before we transition him, however, I want to make him his own quilt.  I know that if we move him and then try and introduce a new blanket a couple weeks later, he won’t have it.  Two-year-old’s can be stubborn, you know? : )

So he has these blue/navy/teal gear decals on his walls…

and then I saw this pattern…

image courtesy of

so I started thinking about using this colorway on the blocks (played around on photoshop)…

Then I decided to use a different background color than solid white.  That sounded like a silly idea for a non-potty-trained baby boy to have a pure white blanket.  And really any solid would show stains a lot easier than a textured fabric, so I bought a slightly textured steel gray/blue.

and now I’m sewing and making decent progress!  The pattern involved many templates and sewing lots of curves, but everything is coming together smoothly (so far!)  Sewing the curves isn’t a problem – it’s just the intense amount of pinning that’s a pain!  5 minutes of pinning some of these pieces together followed by 20 seconds of sewing… geeze!

Anyway, I hope to finish this ASAP so we can get him used to a twin bed before our vacation at the beginning of July.


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Party Time Quilt

Here’s a detailed look at another HST quilt I finished recently.

I was inspired by this quilt by Kaffe Fasset:

And I drew this:

And then I whipped it up!:

I call this quilt, “Party Time, Excellent!”  There are at least two blocks that are flipped the wrong way, I discovered while quilting.  If this quilt is a party, then these two blocks are your drunk friends who are apparently going to spend the night on your couch.

Detail on the quilting:

You can’t tell from this picture, and it’s not even that obvious in the actual quilt, but the bright red fabric is this really cute print from Eric Carle showing the Brown Bear animals. Many of the other fabrics are by Marcia Ders.

Here’s the back:

And some detail:

I’ve got this one packed and ready to go in my hospital bag for birth.  Should be sometime in the next two weeks (I hope!).


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Take your needle, my child

Take your needle, my child, and work at your pattern; it will come out a rose by and by. Life is life that; one stitch at a time taken patiently, and the pattern will come out all right, like embroidery.

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Marca-Relli Pillows

I finished the pillows I made for my dear sister-in-law:

I really like them a lot!  They are quilting cottons in the blocks, bordered with a homespun-cotton that has the appearance of a linen/burlap crossbreed. I quilted with one simple echo line approximately 1/4 of an inch inside each color region.

And just so you get the whole picture, here are my inspiration pictures: artwork by Marca-Relli:

I originally intended to do invisible zippers with these guys, but I am just too pregnant stupid right now to even follow this incredibly clear tutorial. So I just went with what I knew and cranked out an envelope enclosure out of doubled-over black fabric.

Do you have a favorite?  I think I like the “V” one the best.  In fact, it’s my submission to this month’s Blogger’s Pillow Party! Maybe even one of my two entries to the Sew Mama Sew contest!


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Seeing Red

Hello there!  My Valentine’s pillows are almost done (pictures upon completion).  They are taking up more fabric than originally predicted but that’s because I want them lined and sturdy.

Perhaps it’s my work on these pillows, or maybe it’s the abundance of red in my fabric stash, or maybe it’s the new red curtains we hung in the sewing room/office that make it look like an opium den but I am living and breathing red red red.    Maybe I can wax poetic and say it’s due to the fact that I am very pregnant and red is the color of life, fertility, and uteral goo.

So I’m going to make an all red art quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Project Modern 2: Monochromatic Challenge. Wahoo!  This will be my first artsy art quilt.  There’s a 30% chance I’m going to hate it, but let’s be optimistic.  I’ve cut out all the pieces for my top and am hoping to get a good go on it this weekend while hubby works on the upstairs bathroom remodeling project and son #1 is playing at Grandma’s.   I can tell you that it will be called “Whirlwind Romance” (I think) and is utilizing the liberated quilt technique of inserting strips.

Also – Fat Quarterly’s new color theme is “Rich Reds”.  Flickr group HERE.  Red red red!

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Valentine’s Day Pillows

My living room is a study in beige.  My carpet is beige, the couches are beige, the curtains are beige, and the walls are beige.  Also – our two main pieces of art are paper quilts made mostly out of neutrally neutral colors (more on those some other time).  I am sort of afraid of colors, I’ll admit it.   However, another piece of reasoning behind my ode-to-beige house was the hope that I would make fabulous quilts and pillow covers that would transform the house with every season/holiday.  So far that’s been a bit of a bust.

But not this Valentine’s Day!  I’m making pillow covers.   Here are my pieces of inspiration:


Yellow Love Pillow

Yellow Love Pillow by HoneyPieDesign. Available on Etsy for $38. Click image for link.

Love Amour Burlap Pillow

Love Amour Burlap Pillow by YellowBugBoutique. <br>Available on Etsy for $37. Click image for link.

Burlap Love Pillow Cover

Burlap Love Pillow Cover by Wrapitupllc. <br> Available for purchase on Etsy for $18. Click image for link.

I’m going to make two applique pillows inspired by the above, and then three pillows inspired by this beauty.

I joked with my husband that i should really be focusing on my Martin Luther King Day pillows.  Was I really kidding? Hmm….


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I’m A Winner!

Deeroo Designs had a lovely little fabric giveaway, and I was a winner!  I got a whole slew of dutch wax prints.

You’ll have to excuse the quality of these photos.  Our camera suffered death by sand and split milk sippy cup on our recent vacation.  So these were taken on a cell phone:

Definitely at least two quilts jumping out at me from this gifted collection.   A bright batch of blues, pinks, and teals waiting to get matched up with a solid gray, and another assortment of french toile inspired pieces.

There were many more fabrics in my gift, but the pictures just didn’t turn out.  You’ll have to wait to see them once I transform them into creations!

Thanks, Deeroo!

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